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MEET THE SUZEMUZE  An aggregate mash-up of notable reviews & peeps chronicled say she's a "powerhouse pied piper with a cradle2grave philosophy about people & music. Brilliant. Inspiring. A pioneer like Leonardo Da Vinci but a girl. Captivating voice. Writes from the heart. Paints the soul of things.”

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Creates2 awaken the inner muse in all of us. Serves the healing of great injury. Headlines a trend in living room style entertainment her presence brings intimacy 2 the largest hall. “Impeccable musicianship. Airborne on alto & C flute," piano/keyboard, percussion & at times, a 'little' guitar/ukulele she performs cutting edge servings of eclectic pop, jazz & blues combined w/Oscar/Emmy/Tony talent endorsed original songs & satire. Funny.  Tour popular original song No Small Wonder got Top Honors from Indie International online. Recordings engage all star world class players. Creator of a community TV awarded global initiative serving peeps of all ages everywhere. State of art outreach concert tour combines projects coast2coast Los Angeles 2New York & across the pond

she’s light at the end of the tunnel inside & out

 Emerging early as radio TV journalist, anchor, entertainer she's hired to write just about anything; TV stories, songs, articles, books, commercials, even presidential speeches all w/one thing in common - her writing speaks from the heart 2the heart. She serves luminous talent, coaches kids, devoted 2enrichment, narrates for heroes, hosts events, creates shows, lends original content to adapt, license & brand w/philanthropic interests and/or commercial enterprises. Her paintings like her music have wide demographic appeal. 4 just desserts she recipes a tasty treat 2serve hungry heARTS & offers the best cheesecake concerto ever! A true PI(E)lanthropist:) 

MISSION = The Suzemuze is ALL about Noble Piece Pies 4heARTSake = LOVE


COnnecting the Dots gallery installations

inside out new world tour concert

Two firsts: ) Poetry & NOn FICTION book events

2018 Suzemuze studio charitable project sponsored by fractured atlas

from encore new york artist residency

"THIS WORLD IS ROUND" Original musical

 STORY art & SONG entertainment

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2 lessonsdotcom for best creative coach & awarded curriculum

multiple instruments 2019 & 2018

Top Online and On-site Music & Performance Instructor

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