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 On Location :) Book Susan Gabriel NYC original One Woman  musical "This World IS Round"Satire & Songs or Schedule a Book Signing event for her Newly previewed Title CLOBBERED.

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2019-2020 SCHedULE a guest appearancE.

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Guest Speaker.

"What do you do when something deep down inside starts talking to you In your own voice but from a place far wiser than the mind you use to navigate through a day and night in this world?"

Impact. Inspire. Discover. Transform.

From her own life story Multi faceted Storyteller SUSAN drennan GABRIEL bunn explores a new frontier of LOVE’s authority from the Great Inside.


Speaker. Aligned Performance. Book Signing. Interactive Workshop Leader..

The buzz is on - rave reviews from media, educators, participants & fans

“She’s light at the end of the tunnel inside out!” “Changed my life” “Goosebumps” “The best!” “Unprecedented” “Captivating” “Extraordinary” “Dream come true”

Sample Vid Excerpts.

Your Voice Matters - Invitation to the Great Inside. 


Passing thru Adversity. Addressing great injury. 


Social. Awkward. Image. Identity.


Stress. A Moment of Clarity


Song samples go to site 'Sounds' page onsite or Link here to The Fragile Gate on youtube: https://youtu.be/C7k7tjAhu_Y

Highlights from her new book CLOBBERED An Unbelievable Story Be-Coming Innocence by Drennan Gabriel (pen name) see link:


23011635_coverJune272018Final (1).jpg

The community TV awarded musical innovator, journalist, author & entertainer renders an inspiring account of transformation touching some of the deepest woundings in our culture in a broken system at a moment we could all use a boost.

Add optional nteractive music arts communication workshops to interface with population recipients.

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Earlier Event: January 12
Pen & Paint Perform
Later Event: January 26
Gabriel GIG Booking