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 On Location :) Book Susan Gabriel NYC original One Woman  musical "This World IS Round"Satire & Songs or Schedule a Book Signing event for her Newly previewed Title CLOBBERED.

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Pen & Paint Perform

Touring Performing Arts Installation Vid 60 sec Promo

“One community at a time” Susan Gabriel Inside Out NEWorld Touring Arts Installation. For music book and art lovers, choose an elegant eclectic option for your town or venue go to suzemuze.studio/contact or email associate@suzemuze.studio.

“She’s amazing!” -cites rave reviews from guests, sponsors and travelers. Integrating content titled ‘Connecting the Dots THIS World IS Round’, Gabriel celebrates whimsy and wisdom, a refreshing way of seeing things embracing a poignant journey into powerful new horizons and the joy of the great inside.


“We’re all so uplifted by Susan Gabriel’s performance- soulful rendering palpable in her storied art, songs, and books is contagious.” says gallery owner designer Kelly Wenner Grossman, “ “Thrilled to welcome the legendary talent -She’s so much fun,” adding Gabriel’s presence is great for hearts and sales,” Susan’s energy -irresistible!”

Wit & whimsy at book signings.


“Barnes & Noble is honored to be part of this dynamic tour and delighted with this multi-faceted compelling storyteller,” says B&N Northwoods Charleston manager Shaundi Allen. ”Susan entertained and engaged our customers in a most inclusive way.” Along with a pen to sign books, she brought her vocals, pink ukulele and flute to the occasion.

The new book titles ‘In Time A Gift’ and ‘Clobbered’ (under the pen name Drennan Gabriel) based on Gabriel’s life story are essential elements of the project and have received high marks from readers. Link to sample review


A newly released series of framable art greeting cards featuring lines from the books and lyrics by the author tied into TV awarded project & media noted concerts are available now to order online. email associate@suzemuze.studio and add to offerings at all events.

Framable ART Greeting Card Vid Sampler 55sec

The tour production originated in Los Angeles evolving into a New York media noted concert gallery exhibit and an encore original musical in artist residency. The 2018 charitable project launch folds into the new installation as the event producer SuzeMuze Studio. Links: to sounds & satire suzemuze.studio/sounds. To press bio

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Later Event: January 18
Guest Speaker.