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Primarily suzemuze service product adventures including book signings, events, concerts, lessons, artist retreats, class series, all levels of guest appearance & music entertainment bookings, branding options, community outreach and unique commissioned pi(e), pennings & paintings 4heARTSake gifting endeavor :) More unique products to come!

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Pen or Paint Commission

Pen or Paint Commission

from 1,800.00

Stories Arts & Songs Impact Solutions. Brighten up walls or halls of a childrens' health center, homeless shelter, school, hospital or community group of your choice.

Or painting and penned projects can go home 2 you or send 2 surprise a friend.

The Suzemuze paints the soul of things & pens the heart of any story.

Her last sold out exhibit "Connecting the Dots" featured abstracts in combination with a performance at a New York five star library broadcast by local NPR.

You can choose a theme or subject of your own 2 commission The Suzemuze to render by pen or paint 2 serve any occasion or cause.

Penning: Various subjects, topics, lengths & storylines

Paintings: Various sizes of single works or choose a panel series

Inclusive of delivery, tiny show or story and rendering integration.

HOLIDAY gift. BIRTHDAY surprise. ESSENTIAL cause.

Two important pen/painting projects in progress need sponsorship now part of the new "UP" Series:

Themes titled "Close UP"

1. Pink Flamink Snarfler - face2face w/a bright eyed most exotic bird feathered expression 16 square feet Acryllic abstract.

2. The Blue Moo - face2face with the cow who jumped over the moon and transcended to tell about it :) 8 square feet. Acryllic abstract.

3. Help sponsor a work in progress. Optional contribution. Go to Meet the Suzemuze site page suzemuze.studio/meet . Scroll down to Donate button. Click button and fill in amount. (Minimum $540.00) You will be credited in presentation/ delivery as a Painting PIElanthropist. Email any additional details production@suzemuze.studio or submit on contact page.

Birthday. Holiday. Gift. We can ship the final work with correlating story/song to you or a recipient, individual, or group of your choice.

Song/story delivery presentation -If you choose a cause recipient and you are far away from our site tour location we can send to you or deliver to a local chapter, individual or group representing your chosen recipient within 10 miles of our location and accompany delivery with a relevant song or story presentation to serenade presentation add a selfie 2 mark the occasion sending out the Love.

Submit thru form on contact page for further details per delivery etc and for current or new commission content options. we can send you a sample gallery PDF of exhibited/sold works. Make payment to order, sponsor or deposit following prompts on this page. Larger works and panels and projects available for commission. email with details.

Additional Contact info:

PH: 917-719-1271

email: production@suzemuze.studio

Thank you :)

Sponsorhip Order or Deposit re: Page Project or Painting Size:
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