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Primarily suzemuze service product adventures including book signings, events, concerts, lessons, artist retreats, class series, all levels of guest appearance & music entertainment bookings, branding options, community outreach and unique commissioned pi(e), pennings & paintings 4heARTSake gifting endeavor :) More unique products to come!

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Cheesecake Concerto

Cheesecake Concerto

from 720.00

HOLIDAY gift. BIRTHDAY surprise. ESSENTIAL cause. 

The best cheesecake ever :) for a song The Suzemuze makes & bakes each & every one and delivers with a pop up mini-concert. You choose a recipient. We deliver a song or more performed 2 delight the recipient and mark the event add a selfie. Whether near or far its sending out the Love 4heARTSake. Social media post promo is optional. 

Choose the whole cake or buy a slice and we will make sure it goes to a heART touched appetite.  You can choose a friend, family, on location charity chapter, school, company, group or organization within 10 miles of our current site location. Email us with your delivery details and for our zip code.  If you are nearby you can choose to enjoy for your own occasion. Again if you are far away we can deliver handily to a local chapter, individual or group representing your chosen recipient within 10 miles of site location tour . 

Delivered with a selfie and a song ( or poetic reading) is a slice or pie. We sing a little song or more to the recipient and offer social media/site promo post and/or send all a selfie of our delivery :) 

The Cheesecake CoNcerto 4 heARTSake is our premier Noble Peace PIe :) encouraging PIElanthropy = 1 artist 2 create 4 community 2 connect which is our true delight and once a cheesecake concert this good is sliced it = PIE Love. We thank YOU for being a true PIE-lanthropist!

Before payment For details, to book event and to send us your specifics submit on site Contact page.

ALL PRICES MAY VARY pending location delivery arrangements

Additional contact:


email: production@suzemuze.studio





Cheesecake 4heARTSake = PIE Love:
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